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1-Hour Driving Safety Course

Corporate Driving is a 1-Hour Driving Safety Course used to educate drivers on techniques used to be a safe driver.
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Most Convenient Driver Safety Program

Corporate Driving was developed with convenience and education in mind.  We have developed our program around a 100% animated course, utilizing cartoons to provide educational material in a fun and exciting manner.  We’ve learned over the years that students who feel they are being entertained while they learn are able to retain 95% more material while taking an online course. *Not approved for ticket dismissal or insurance discounts

Flexible Schedule

No Time Restrictions – Take this course 10 minutes at a time, all at once, over multiple days, or anything in between. Log on and off at your convenience an unlimited number of times. You do not have to take the class all in one sitting. Complete the course around your own schedule: at home, work, school, or at the spa! Please do not take the course while driving.

Immediate Certificate Processing

As soon as you complete our course, you will be provided a link to download your certificate of completion in PDF format immediately (*not approved for ticket dismissal).

100% Animated

Our course is 100% animated in cartoon format, developed by professional comedians. This allows you to learn and have fun at the same time, and allows your employees to retain more of the educational material.

Driving Safety Course

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Corporate Driving Safety Course

View the above video to get a detailed description of our Corporate Defensive Driving Course

For your Business

  • Ideal For Any Employees That Drives
  • Reduce Property and Vehicle Damage
  • Lower Insurance Rates
  • Less Traffic Violations
  • Reduce Employee Injuries