1 Hour Driving Safety Course |
Duration: 10 days
Location: Online
Price: $10.00
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Our 1-Hour Driving Safety Course is great for fleet, commercial, or fleet drivers, and overs driving safety topics. Our online course is 100% animated, with no reading required. Below is an example animation directly from our course:

1 Hour Driving Safety Course

  • No Reading
  • 100% Animated.
  • Only $10!
  • Immediate Downloadable Certificate of Completion.
  • Great for Commercial, Coporate, and Fleet Drivers!
  • Create Safer Drivers for your Company

We have broken our course down into 5 short, easy to follow chapters, which will include:

Chapter 1
Course Introduction.  We will go over what will be expected during the course.
Chapter 2
The Traffic Safety Problem. We will cover topics related to current problems and statistics covering driving safety.  We also include a one of a kind interactive game show for fun, which is not found in any other online driving safety courses!
Chapter 3
Factors Influencing Driver Performance. We will discuss items such as fatigue, emotions, texting, drowsey driving, and other items that affect driving performance.
Chapter 4
Traffic Laws and Procedures.  We will educate you on the current traffic laws and procedures
Chapter 5
Alcohol .  We will discuss the affects of alcohol on driving, go over crash statistics,  and review the results and consequences of driving under the influence.